Our vision is to translate nanotechnology from the research labs to consumer use, motivated by sustainability, economic optimisation, safety issue and public participation. We are interested in the development and improvement of biomedical (nano-sensing, implants...) and environmental applications (nano-sensing, water treatment and monitoring). We are aware of social dimension of nanotechnologies and the need to address ethical and social challenges with full responsibility.

1. Improving and Protecting Health and Safety

The aim is to develop and promote nanotechnology applications for advances in biosystems and medicine. The new technologies employ nanoscale materials and features to improve the performance of existing approaches (nanomaterials for cleaning and nanomaterials for enchanting biocidal activities), for sensors (health, disease and toxicity) and to develop methods and devices to detect and identify engineered nanomaterials across their life cycles and in humans and the environment.

2. Increasing and enabling Water Sustainability through Nanotechnology

The goal of MIM is to use properties of engineered nanomaterials to:
• increase water treatment
• enable next-generation water monitoring systems with nanotechnology.

3. Developing standards

MIM participates and in the development of international standards for nanotechnology.
Standards will become very important in nanotechnology as it will define how future products will adopt the dominant specifications defined by accepted standards. In order to compete in nanotech development and innovation, standard activity have to be given urgent attention.
MIM will/ is contributing and developing standards for nanomaterials monitoring and safety.

4. Building public awareness of nanotechnolgy products

MIM is aware of social dimension of nanotechnologies and the need to address ethical and social changes. Public awareness will be improved by education and communication. Only by addressing societal and ethical issues, technology will be fully adopted, economic and societal benefits will be broadened and return on investment will be accelerated. MIM will elaborate a toolset to advance nanotechnology and inspire the public, in particular students, about nanotechnology. Particular focus will be given to development and publication of materials appropriate for informing the public of products including nanomaterials.